Cane Corso Breeding

Breeding, as well as undisputed love for the breed, is passion, it’s game, it’s work, it’s respect for the morphology and functionality of the Dog, it’s control and protection of their psycho-physical health, it’s the study of the history and the origins of the breed .
The Italian Cane Corso is an ancestral and very new breed at the same time; the Italian Cane Corso originates from the most remote corners of ancient times; the Italian  is a breed that has risked disappearing in modern times.

The breeding and breeder of the Italian Cane Corso today continues the selection process and owe everything to those experts and enthusiasts who, in the 90’s, formed a voluntary and free Italian association, from Sicily to the Po valley, for the recovery of the race, saving a piece of history almost extinct.
The work of the Cane Corso breeding should also be understood in this sense, keeping alive the flame of the memory and the emotion of that solidarity between men, inextricably linked to that between man and Dog.

As the Dog himself brings opposing connivances, agility and strength, rusticity and nobility, ferocity and sweetness, so human emotions are unleashed in directions that seem distant but very close.

As Breeders we must never lose sight of the primary objective, imagining and creating more and more truthful and healthy subjects, all to enhance the essence of Cane Corso as a breed.

There are disagreements, useless wars, visible and invisible, among the breeders of the Cane Corso; you hear untold stories about ears or non-ears, tail or non-tail, S.A.C.C. or non-S.A.C.C., standard or non-standard … Sometimes all this useless vocation distracts breeders from the real objective: collaborate together, respecting the laws and the standard FCI in force, beyond the preferences or subjective morality of each breeder, to bring the Cane Corso Italiano back to the splendor of ancient times, to make Cane Corso a most successful race, an all-Italian pride.

Author: Francesca Campitelli & Massimiliano Messina