Recommended Power supply

The growth that will bring the puppy to become a proud and powerful Corso is not very fast, proper nutrition is the basis for getting a subject with a good structure and health.

Let’s start by considering the number of meals: From weaning for up to 3 months, 4 meals should be given to pass 3 meals up to 6 months, 2 meals up to and including one year and then one single meal may be given but it is always advisable to administer the Ration of daily food in 2 meals, even adult.
As for the adult dog, we believe that the best choice is to give a lighter meal during the summer, as the dog has fewer food requirements.

Feeding the Cane Corso is not a particular problem; Despite its remarkable size, the Cane Corso does not require large amounts of food; You need to ensure a balanced supply. It is possible to add pasta or rice cooked to private starch or dry bread, lightly burned meat and, if necessary, vitamin and mineral supplements. There are specially designed foods for the breed that need to be administered, obviously taking into account our friend’s lifestyle; The less our friend is active, the more his food will have to be light.

For the correct and balanced feeding of your Cane Corso, Vis et Honor kennel recommends: