Who we are

Hello to everyone, we are Massimiliano and Francesca, a couple in life and a couple as breeders.
Our Italian Cane Corso Kennel VIS ET HONOR is born from the infinite love and passion for the whole animal kingdom, especially for the Dog, noble and irreplaceable animal, companion of the life of us “inferior” human beings.
From the love for dogs, after many experiences as owners of various races, especially wolf dogs, one day, so by chance we came across a breed never seen before the ITALIAN CANE CORSO.
It was love at first sight. Finally we had found the definitive race. A strong, proud, powerful, agile but at the same time gentle, docile, loving and protective dog. Hence our history as breeders, this differentiates us from any other, because before being breeders we are in love and deeply respectful of this breed.

The ITALIAN CANE CORSO is a challenging breed, it is not for everyone, going around with a 60 kg dog, potentially “a weapon with the shot in the barrel”, needs lot of love, commitment, dedication, passion and infinite patience …
Although the ITALIAN CANE CORSO is not part of it, we have always been against the law of the Minister Sirchia author of the list of dangerous races in Italy, because we consider that there are “dangerous dogs” but “dangerous owners”, for this reason we always reserve choose who to give dogs, since we do not do it for profit.

Our commitment is to select dogs of high genealogy, healthy and free of hip and elbow dysplasia (parents are free of dysplasia, visible on pedigree), free of inherited heart diseases and ocular trichiasis. We also take care since birth that our puppies have a good “imprinting” both learning immediately thanks to the teachings of their parents and socializing with humans, especially with children, since the dog, of any breed, by its nature is a predator and seeing the children move in a troubled way could, not having a good education, see them as a prey and then attack them, as unfortunately we hear often in newscasts around the world.

The puppies are sold after at least 60 days of age, with ears un-cropped and natural tail (as required by law in Italy), with microchips, registration to the canine registry and regular documentation for the request for pedigree (the new owner will have to pay to the ENCI the fee for the issue of the document, which amounts to about € 25.00.The pedigree will be sent by ENCI within 6 months.For personal experience the document arrives approximately after 60 days), well socialized, with the prophylaxis anthelmintic and with at least one polyvalent vaccine.

As our professional ethics we do not just give you the puppies and take your money (as most breeders do), but it is our concern to follow you step by step in the growth of your puppies, with informations, advice and any other help you may need.


If you want to come and visit us, to buy a puppy or just for curiosity, you can do so at any time, prior telephone contact, because often we are committed to working with our dogs. We are open from Monday to Friday all the day long, Saturday and Sunday we are open from 16:00 to 20:00.


For our and your protection we reserve the right to sign a deposit (the deposit will amount to 30% of the total cost of the puppy and the remaining 70% will be paid at the time of the cession of the puppy).

It will be a writing where there must necessarily be all your personal data, the data of the breeder (VIS ET HONOR), the sum that verses that will explicitly be the title of the deposit and the signature of both.

The deposit binds both parts. It is a form of self-defense of a compensatory nature that arises in case of non-fulfillment of the contract.

The part who paid it undertakes not to withdraw from the contract, under penalty of loss of the deposit. The part who received it instead undertakes not to withdraw, under penalty of the return of the amount received plus the payment of a further equal amount to the side.

This allows the breeder, if he changes his mind and no longer wants to give up the dog, will have to return the sum paid as a deposit plus a further sum of the same amount.
If instead, after paying the deposit, you do not want to buy the dog, you must know that you lose the amount paid in advance.

The confirmatory deposit, regulated by art. 1385 of the Italian Civil Code, states that “If the part who gave the deposit is in default, the other can withdraw from the contract, considering the deposit; if the part who received it is in default, the other part can withdraw from the contract and demand double the deposit. However, if the non-defaulting part prefers to demand the execution or termination of the contract, the compensation of money is governed by the general rules “(Article 1385 c.2).